Handbook of Chemistry Demonstrations

Handbook "One hundred spectacular demonstrations of Chemistry -- easy to produce they will inspire and captivate students!"

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Chemical Demonstrations

 A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry Vol 1

by Bassam Z. Shakhashiri
Hardcover, 343 pages
ISBN: 0299088901
Published by University of Wisconsin Press

Capture your students imagination and ignite an awe for Chemistry. Volume one of this series outlines one hundred spectacular demonstrations of the nature of Chemistry in areas of thermochemistry, chemiluminescence, polymerization, color and equilibria. Each demonstration includes clear and well written background on the chemical principles presented as well as the detailed procedure, safety guidelines, and even a discussion on what qualities the successful demonstrator should develop for maximum impact.

Nothing engages and inspires students like exposing them to the raw power and wonder of Chemistry -- if you're teaching Chemistry your students deserve to see these demonstrations.


100 Experiments Including:

Oxidation of Lucigenin (page 180): The most visible chemical reaction you can imagine. In a darkened room, a colorless liquid and a yellow liquid are slowly poured together into a large glass funnel and spiral delivery tube to a empty large container. The mixed liquids emit a green chemiluminescent glow as they flow through the tube into the container. The glow persists for two minutes, and then dramatically changes from green to a blue glow. When the lights are turned on the mixture in the receiving vesesel is a golden brown. Variations on this experiment product different emission colors.

Thermite Reaction (page 85): This demonstration produces intense heat (the thermite reaction burns at over 1530 degrees C) and molten metal. Addition of a small amount of glycerine to a pile of iron oxide, aluminum powder, and potassium permanganate produces intense heat, flames, sparks, and eventually molten iron. (CAUTION: if you have not performed this experiment before you are recommended to do it outdoors first)

Sugar and Potassium Chlorate (page 79): How much energy is contained in common sugar? A few drops of sulfuric acid is added to a pile of sugar mixed with potassium chlorate, the result is purplish flame and billowing clouds of smoke.

... and 97 more spectacular, captivating, and intriguing demonstrations suitable for high school or college Chemistry.

The reviews are in!

"This book should be on every chemistry lecturer's bookshelf. It's on mine (when my colleagues are not using it)."
 - George C. Pimentel, University of California-Berkeley

"Even where the chemistry is familiar, teachers at all levels?rom school to university-could learn how to present it in a memorable way."
 - Education in Chemistry

"As far as I am concerned, this series is the best thing that has happened to me. I recommend it without reservation for all levels of chemistry teaching."
 - Howard Nechamkin, Journal of College Science Teaching

"An excellent review . . . . a must for the classroom, library, and chemistry club at both the high school and collegiate levels."
 - The Science Teacher

... and after you've mastered the demonstrations in volume #1 check out the next volumes in this series!

The demonstrations capture interest, teach, inform, fascinate, amaze, and perhaps, most importantly, involve students in chemistry. Nowhere else will you find books that answer, "How come it happens? . . . Is it safe? . . . What do I do with all the stuff when the demo is over?"

Shakhashiri and his collaborators offer 282 chemical demonstrations arranged in 11 chapters across this four volume series. Each demonstration includes seven sections: a brief summary, a materials list, a step-by-step account of procedures to be used, an explanation of the hazards involved, information on how to store or dispose of the chemicals used, a discussion of the phenomena displayed and principles illustrated by the demonstration, and a list of references.


Volume #1:

1. Thermochemistry
2. Chemiluminescence
3. Polymers
4. Color and Equilibria of Metal Ion Precipitates and Complexes

Volume #2

5. Physical Behavior of Gases
6. Chemical Behavior of Gases
7. Oscillating Chemical Reactions

Volume #3

8. Acids and Bases
9. Liquids, Solutions, and Colloids

Volume #4

10. Clock Reactions
11. Electrochemistry: Batteries, Electrolytic Cells, and Plating

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